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Discover Tactical Tech educational interventions, resources and tools, through which we work with communities to shape their digital futures. Explore our projects and find out which ones match your goals and needs.
  • data detox kit

    Data Detox Kit: All you need to improve your online privacy, security, and wellbeing.

    The Data Detox Kit, available in over 45 languages, offers tips, tools and concrete steps for people to improve all aspects of their online lives, making more informed choices and changing their digital habits in ways that suit them.

    Organisations, educators, libraries, museums and cultural centers worldwide use the kit to promote conversations around digital privacy, security, wellbeing and how to tackle misinformation.

    The Kit includes over 30 guides, workshop outlines for educators, an alternative App Centre, and a resources and materials download page.

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  • Glass Room exhibit

    The Glass Room: Interactive experiences that invite people to examine their digital lives

    The Glass Room is a public intervention and an interactive experience that invites visitors to reflect on how technology impacts their lives and explore practical solutions to mitigate them.

    The editions of the intervention are available in multiple formats, from large-scale exhibitions to low-cost self-print formats that can be easily set up by civil society organisations worldwide who want to use, localise and adapt to engage their communities in conversations about privacy, data and the impacts of technology on society.

    The Glass Room includes printed and digital poster exhibitions, animations, apps, workshop curricula and other assets in around 30 languages.

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  • What The Future Wants logo and cards

    What The Future Wants: Educational resources to empower young people

    What the Future Wants is a youth initiative from Tactical Tech that aims to put young people in the driving seat of their digital futures through education, co-creation and capacity building.

    The “What the Future Wants” interactive youth-focused exhibition is available in over 14 languages and includes posters, interactive activities, and an Educators Guide for educators and facilitators.

    Organisations, libraries and educators are using the exhibition materials to engage young people in thinking critically about their current digital environment and the future they want to live in.

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  • Data and Politics Methods Guidebook spread

    The Influence Industry Project: Understanding the industry working to shape our opinions and votes

    The Influence Industry Project advances knowledge and produces research and resources on how political campaigns worldwide work with a global industry of data brokers, communication consultants and campaign technologists who use digital technologies and personal data to influence voters' opinions.

    The project offers an accessible database of the industry actors, which is accompanied by a learning hub for knowledge exchange and resources, including detailed case studies and research methodologies that can be used by civil society organisations, academics, investigators, researchers, and everyone working on democracy and election integrity to develop research on the Industry.

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  • Laptop screen displaying the Exposing the Invisible landing page

    Exposing The Invisible: Fostering Collaboration and knowledge sharing among the investigative community

    The Exposing the Invisible project fosters collaboration among journalists, investigators and media actors and convenes them to share their expertise and experience and co-develop resources to build capacity of today’s global community of digital and OSINT investigators.

    The project offers comprehensive resources, including videos, interviews, guides and workshop outlines for facilitators to advance knowledge and methodologies that build the skills of civil society organisations, media organisations, experts, researchers, academics, investigators and journalists.

    The Exposing the Invisible Kit, the world-known guide, is available in English, French and Spanish.

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  • collage illustration about data and activism

    Digital Enquirer Kit: An online course in verifying information and how to navigate the internet safely

    The Digital Enquirer Kit is an e-learning interactive course that advances and disseminates knowledge on media literacy, verification, and how to navigate the internet safely. The course expands the skills of organisations and individuals on topics such as how to identify and respond to misinformation, how to verify online information, how to collaborate and how to examine and share your findings.

    The content contains simple explanations and real-world examples, illustrating secure research and information-gathering methods. The modules feature engaging and creative formats such as tutorials, quizzes, and interactive games.

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Featured stand-alone projects

  • Picture of the Everything Will Be Fine exhibition in Berlin.

    Everything Will Be Fine

    How do you respond in a crisis? Everything Will Be Fine is a public intervention and interactive experience that explores how people understand and respond to global crises like climate change and pandemics through the lens of technology. Do digital technologies change our understanding of and responses to crisis? Join this journey of self-reflection and critical investigation around the themes of Digital Panic, Care, Doubt and Hope.

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  • Illustration of human shapes and abstract backgrounds

    Technologies of Hope & Fear

    Quarantine bracelets, pandemic drones, predictive cleaning, bio-patches and syndromic surveillance: the pandemic has shown how much faith we put in data, digital tools and the intelligence the companies who produce them claim will solve our problems.

    Technologies of Hope and Fear is a curated collection of 100 data-driven, machine learning, and AI enabled technologies around the world: developed, marketed and implemented to mitigate the pandemic and to help societies ‘get back to normal’.

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  • Picture of the Opinionator piece at Futurium, Berlin. Picture by
communications Tactical Tech.

    The Opinionator

    The Opinionator is an exhibition piece included in the exhibition "Democracy in Progress" organised by Futurium, Berlin. This interactive experience turns you into opinion leaders. Visitors get to know three common tools that are used to influence people in the digital space. Many users aren’t even aware of this influence. Knowing about it will help visitors recognise manipulations and form an independent opinion.

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  • Picture of the Opinionator piece at Futurium, Berlin. Picture by
communications Tactical Tech.

    GAFAM Empire

    GAFAM Empire is a project developed in collaboration with DensityDesign Lab that looks at the known acquisitions conducted by five big tech companies: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft, which sectors they expanded to, what types of know-how they absorbed, and in fact who they actually are besides who we think they are.

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A selection of past projects

  • Data and Activism

    Data and Activism is a research project that investigates the impact of data collection on activists, journalists, human rights defenders and civil society organisations, exploring the potential impact and offering protection strategies and creative responses.

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  • the Personal Data: Political persuasion guidebook

    Data and Politics

    Data and Politics is an ongoing research project that explores how political campaigns around the world are making use of personal data and what impact these methods have on the integrity of democratic processes.

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  • Data and You

    Data and You is a research project that investigates how data is collected on citizens to further entrench inequities such as marginalisation and discrimination.

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  • Me and My Shadow

    A project that helps you control your data traces, see how you're being tracked, and learn more about the data industry.

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  • XYZ

    XYZ is an online platform for practical tools to navigate digital security and privacy from a gender perspective, learn from each other's activism, inspire one another and co-create.

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