Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech is an organisation dedicated to the use of information in activism.

We focus on the use of data, design and technology in campaigning through our Evidence & Action programme and on helping activists understand and manage their digital security and privacy risks through our Privacy & Expression programme.

We also provide services through our creative agency for advocacy, Tactical Studios

Use this site to browse all our toolkits and guides, watch our films, find out about our trainings and events, read the latest news and learn more about our work.

Our Picks

We'll be out in force at re:publica in Berlin this year!
Listening to your data, getting data out of difficult formats, and thinking about how data is used in advocacy.
Our entries for this year's Knight News Challenge.
The latest edition of our monthly magazine is out! In the Loop includes not just Tactical Tech's news - what we've been doing and making, and where where we're planning to be - but also a round-up of interesting things we've been reading in the last month: inspiring examples of activism; thought-provoking articles on surveillance and privacy; and other interesting stuff. Read it online: https://tacticaltech.org/in-the-loop (It's also sent out by mail every month. Sign up at the link above!)
Tactical Tech will be at RightsCon in San Francisco, from 3-5 March.
If you're in Bangalore on Monday March 3, join Tactical Tech and The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) for a talk by information activist, free software developer and author Smari McCarthy.    Details here.
The Huffington Post asked us to comment on Facebook's recent acquisition of Whatsapp.  The article, by Tactical Tech's executive director Stephanie Hankey, was published in German here.  Read the original English version below. We're selling ourselves and we think it's cool
Our Evidence and Influence Micro-magazine is a compilation of multi-media stories about and by the participants who attended Tactical Tech's Info-Activism Camp 2013. Issue #4 centres around the theme of 'Protest'. 
We're all about DIY film screenings these days. As of 13 February, we've seen 42 screenings of our Exposing the Invisible documentary series around the world, with a total of 1,133 people attending; and there are lots more in the pipeline. The films have been screened everywhere from Gaziantep to Islamabad to Copenhagen to Mexico City, in all kinds of venues - cafes, universities, bookshops and cinemas... there was even a screening in a castle. That's right, a castle.
The nice people at Wired UK magazine wrote an article about us. Read it here. (image from Twitter)
Short Film screening and discussionKuala Lumpur, Malaysia Join Pusat Komas and Tactical Tech's director's Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski for FreedomFilmFest: a special screening and discussion of two films in our Exposing the Invisible series: "Our Currency is Information" and "From My Point of View". Marek, who directed the films, will share his experiences making them and talk about digital investigative tools and tactics.
We're excited to introduce the Women's Rights Campaigning Info-activism Toolkit - designed, as the name suggests, specifically for women's rights defenders and NGOs. The toolkit includes campaign basics, strategies, and digital tools, as well as a wide range of inspiring case studies from around the world.
Exposing the Invisible Australian Premier: Film Screening and discussion 10 February, 2014,  5.30pm-8.00pm, University of Sydney
Tactical Tech is in Amman for the Arab Bloggers Meeting
Just in time for Christmas, we are excited to launch the third and final film in our Exposing the Invisible series, called "Unseen War". This episode changes the angle slightly and explores the subject of invisibility - both physical and political - in the context of US drone strikes in Pakistan.
Our Evidence & Influence Micro-magazine is a compilation of multi-media stories about and by the participants who attended Tactical Tech's Info-Activism Camp 2013. Issue #3 centres around Transparency and Accountability.

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  • @Info_Activism: RT @ukpermaculture: A great new tool for extracting date from PDF's: @TabulaPDF: https://t.co/aPJJmmcIaL
  • @Info_Activism: CPJ’s 2014 Global Impunity Index spotlights countries where journalists are slain and the killers go free https://t.co/yHSgpdzqfE
  • @Info_Activism: Edward Snowden on Pulitzer winners: 'Their work has given us a better future' http://t.co/zIUv38mVnO
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    Evidence and Action

    The Evidence & Action programme helps rights advocates use information strategically and creatively in their campaigning. We aim to inspire innovative campaigns and provide practical support for collecting, investigating and curating evidence for advocacy. We do this through project partnerships, trainings and developing and distributing resources.

    People around the world are using digital tools and visualisation techniques to expose injustice and abuse, creating subversive narratives to challenge the status quo and mobilising for action. We call the strategic, safe and creative use of digital tools and information in campaigning information activism. Our information activism projects include:


    A documentary film series exploring new forms of investigative journalism, plus an extensive investigative resource bank

    Our book exploring how to influence issues using information, design, technologies and networks.

    The name pretty much says it all. An online toolkit for women's rights defenders.


    Inspirational info-activism case studies from around the world.

    Latest project updates

    You've probably forgotten by now that Syria is famous for ping pong.
    The Info-Activism Camp happened in June 2013 . 
    Maya Ganesh and Emma Prest were at the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva in September to present our new work:
    In March 2013 Tactical Tech met with five organisations in Beirut to brainstorm ways in which our range of info-activism resources could be adapted for use by activists in the Arab region.
    Not present at camp? Been there and feeling nostalgic? Have a look at the Camp Round-Up to read our summaries of the tracks, labs, skill shares and evening activities. Discover also our portraits of some of the facilitators and participants...
    Each afternoon, campers chose a lab to join. Labs lasted three hours and provided time to get hands-on and practical with specific skills and approaches to working with information.

    Privacy and Expression

    Our Privacy & Expression programme builds the digital security awareness and skills of human rights defenders, independent journalists, anti-corruption advocates and activists, and anyone else who is concerned about the the security risks and vulnerabilities of digital tools.

    We have developed a range of methods from awareness raising and short consultations for participants at large-scale international advocacy events, through to four day intensive workshops. We use a variety of techniques including short filmstake-home toolkits and exercises to engage people in debates about broader questions related to freedom of expression and access to information.

    Our key activities are:


    Advice and tools to help you protect your online privacy.

    Digital security: Hands-on advice and tools.

    Find out about our hands-on digital security trainings.

    Learn how to survive in the digital age: a series of short films featuring a friendly robot called ONO


    We asked a few of the track and lab facilitators, and a few of the Camp participants, some questions about themselves, their work, what they did at camp and what they came away with at the end of the week.
    The surveillance program PRISM by the US secret service NSA has reminded us that all of our activities online may be monitored without giving us the chance to understand whether we really are targeted or what the purpose of this monitoring is.

    Facebook has some 1.1 billion active users. Some 200 million accounts are active at Twitter. Millions more shop at Amazon and other online retailers.
    We're delighted to announce that our website Me and My Shadow has been awarded a prestigious international online activism award for the most creative and original website.
    It is not easy to keep up to date with how Facebook changes. Some things change for better, some for worse. Can you be sure that you didn't miss the latest update of Facebook's terms of service?

    Tactical Studios

    We bring issues to life through compelling data visualisations – created by handpicked project teams best suited to your specific project and issue areas. We work with you to formulate strategic messaging designed to grab the attention and improve the understanding of complex issues of your intended audience. 

    If you have a visualisation or campaign idea that you want to develop further, then please email us at tacticalstudios@tacticaltech.org


    Access the worlds largest public database on large-scale land deals through interactive infographics.

    An animated film, to raise public awareness to the hidden servies offered by Tor.

    An animation showing why you should volunteer to be a Tor bridge.