Our digital and media literacy resources for youth are now available in 15 languages

Our What The Future Wants exhibition and digital and media literacy resources for young people are now available in 15 different languages. To date, the What the Future Wants events have engaged more than 11.500 participants in 30  countries.

[Our partners] Interview with Soledad Magnone, Director of the JAAKLAC iniciativa

Tactical Tech interviewed Soledad Magnone, director of the JAAKLAC, an initiative that, through collaborative projects, designs and researches the possibilities of Critical Digital Education (CDE), which nurtures individuals’ understanding of how technologies affect societies and the environment and promotes collective action to manifest fairer digital societies.

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The Glass Room

The GAFAM Empire project

GAFAM Empire is a project developed by DensityDesign Lab and Tactical Tech that looks at all the known acquisitions conducted by five big tech companies: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft, from the moment they made their first one to the end of summer of 2022, when we stopped collecting data.