Tactical Tech's work on Artificial Intelligence

3 minutes read | First published: July 25, 2022

Field building and thought leadership

Technologies of Hope & Fear

This project explores tech and AI responses to the pandemic and their side effects. It was produced during the “Geographies of AI” residency by Onassis Stegi and was recently recognised by the Ars Electronica awards.


Sphere transitions and transgressions in the EU during the COVID pandemic

Tactical Tech participated in this meeting that was the starting point for the project conducted by the Global Data Justice team, based at Tilburg University NL and funded by the European AI Fund.


“AI Visions and Narratives“

Stephanie Hankey, Executive Director and co-founder of Tactical Tech delivered the talk "AI, Catastrophe and the Human" for the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI) at the workshop „AI Visions and Narratives” organised by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the Technische Universität Berlin.


You and AI feat. Marek Tuszynski

Interview with Marek Tuszynski, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Tactical Tech, on the impact of technology on society and its relationship to social, environmental, and political issues.


Public engagement and education

“The Glass Room” and “The Glass Room Misinformation Edition”

Collaborating with partners worldwide, this project creates and co-develops interactive exhibitions, dissemination campaigns and practical resources that raise awareness and engage local communities in conversations around the impact of digital and AI technologies and mitigation alternatives.


“Data Detox Kit”

Since 2017, through this multiyear project, Tactical Tech has developed a complete toolbox of resources and materials that equip people with practical tools that enable them to rethink and reshape their relationship with digital technologies. The Kit has been used, adapted, translated and localised by partners and organisations across the world.


“What The Future Wants”

Co-creating and co-developing initiatives and resources that invite young people to reflect on the digital world they want to live in is at the centre of the work of this project that engages young audiences, parents, educators and other relevant actors in conversations around AI and digital challenges among young generations.


Other resources

Lessons to learn: An interview with Stephanie Hankey about digital literacy and what young people need to know about artificial intelligence (AI) to use it responsibly and make informed decisions.


Digital Literacy and Education: How to Prepare Students for the Age of AI with Stephanie Hankey

A talk delivered in the frame of the EU National Institutes for Culture - EUNIC.


Tactical Tech’s work was shown in the exhibitions

Advocacy and professional development

The Influence Industry Project

Creating awareness and understanding of the use of data, tech, and AI for political purposes and how digital technologies have influenced democratic processes and civil society engagement is at the centre of this project. Through research, resources and a series of masterclasses, Tactical Tech strengthens the capacities of organisations, journalists, researchers and decision-makers working on political processes.