Data Use Policy

Tactical Tech's mission is to address how data and digital technologies impact human rights, social justice, power structures and accountability. Our approach is that everyone has a right to privacy and this is reflected in the way that we deal with data.

What data we access and what data we collect

Website: When you visit this site, we collect information about your visit of the sort that web browsers and servers typically make available. This is information like: what kind of device you are using (phone or computer); which browser you are using; the language preference of your browser; the site that linked you here, if one did; and the date and time of each visit.

We do this to better understand how people use the site and so that we can fix problems with the site when they arise. From time to time, we also release reports that include very general information about who visits this site, like the total number of visitors or which countries or other websites comprise the most visits.

This information is accessed using open source analytics software that we host ourselves. This means that even the people who wrote the software do not see any of your information.

We do not collect your IP address, which is a type of data that can identify you personally.

Cases when we ask for personal information

You may have to provide personal information when: applying to work with us (jobs, consultancies, residencies); signing up to our newsletter; or taking part in one of our events.

In all of the above cases, the data is stored securely, and for a limited time period only.

Sharing personal data with third parties

We do not partner with third parties to collect any information, nor do we share information with third parties, for any of the above. For the purpose of funding reports, we may occasionally share non-personally identifying information such as the number of people who attended an event, or number of visitors to a website in any given year.


We always anonymise data that we use externally, even in the context of evaluation, research and reports. Occasionally, internal data is not anonymised, however it is securely kept and used for a specific purpose, and only used for the amount of time that it is needed.

How to contact us

If you have comments, questions or requests regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact

Tactical Tech has a number of other project websites, including Me and My Shadow. Some of them are archived and some of them are still actively updated. This Data Use Policy applies to all other Tactical Tech websites.

Policy last updated: 30 May 2018