Gender and Technology

2 minutes read | First published: August 1, 2023

Every day, women face the consequences of online harassment and hate speech as a result of their gender identity and their environment. In this context, Tactical Tech’s Gender and Tech project has spent the last four years working toward giving women, specifically in Latin America, the technical skills and practical know-how to teach one another and create their own networks. A significant part of this project was the Gender and Technology Institutes, a series of events orientated towards women human rights defenders to address the risks, attacks and contexts faced by activist women in these regions and help them build capacity in their local communities. They took place between 2014 and 2018 in Germany, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Skri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico and Uruguay. Each GTI further developed specific facilitation methodologies and training contents in partnership with local and international organisations. As a result of the Gender and Technology Institutes, there have been hundreds of follow-on activities as the participants take what they learnt to their own communities. A training curricula was developed in English and Spanish that contained more than 20 workshop templates on topics such as Hacking Hate Speech, Strategies of Resistance, Creative Uses of Social Media and Technological Sovereignty. And the Gendersec Wiki is a regularly updated resource bank for activities, resources, discussions and events.