Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow is an online privacy resource which includes information on how to control data traces, tracking and the data industry.

Running from 2011 to 2018, this project aimed to tackle the loss of control that we feel as we use digital technologies: where is the data going? Who owns it? How can we make safer, more informed choices? Resources such as the Alternative App Centre, Trackography and later the Data Detox Kit gave some answers to these questions, giving simple and informed steps towards a more in-control digital self.

The training curriculum, that was developed as part of Me and My Shadow, gave over 30 workshops and activities that privacy champions around the world could download and use in their own communities. Topics included How the Internet Works, Draw Your Browser History and Choosing Tools.

Me and My Shadow was Tactical Tech's first solely privacy-orientated project and the content that was developed over the seven years continues to be fed into current projects and curriculum. The majority of this content was merged with the Data Detox Kit in 2018 and 2019, but you can still visit the website to scroll through resources, blogs and curriculum.

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An interactive resource which aims to increase transparency about the online data industry by illustrating who tracks us when we browse the internet.

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