Team and Board

Team Members

Senior Coordinator, The Glass Room


Muhammad coordinates The Glass Room project, an interactive exhibition on data and privacy.

Project Developer, Exposing the Invisible


Wael is a Project Developer for Tactical Tech's Exposing the Invisible project.

System / Operations Engineer

Jacopo Anderlini

Jacopo is working across projects to ensure smooth technological infrastructure.


Yiorgos Bagakis

Yiorgos is a Designer, working across multiple projects and as part of the Products Team who are responsible for the design and development of Tactical Tech products.

Project Lead, Data & Politics

Varoon Bashyakarla

Varoon co-leads Tactical Tech's Data & Politics project, which looks at how data is used in political processes around the world.

Grant and Development Manager

Nicholas Crockford

Nicholas is responsible for overall grant management and compliance, as well as development.

Team Lead, Products Team

Laurent Dellere

Laurent is the senior developer for Tactical Tech and the Team Lead of the Products Team. The Products Team is responsible for the design and development of Tactical Tech's products.

Project Lead, Data Detox Kit

Safa Ghnaim

Safa leads Tactical Tech's Data Detox Kit project, a toolkit for online privacy, digital security and digital wellbeing.

Producer, The Glass Room

Katerina Gnafaki

Katerina works on event production for The Glass Room exhibitions.

Executive Director, Co-Founder & Managing Board Member

Stephanie Hankey

Stephanie is the Executive Director of Tactical Tech and she co-founded the organisation alongside Marek Tuszynski in 2003.

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Project Coordinator

Daisy Kidd

Daisy works on Tactical Tech's upcoming youth and technology project.


Dominika Knoblochova

Dominika works as an intern with The Glass Room and Exposing the Invisible.

Programme Director

Christy Lange

Christy is Tactical Tech's Programme Director, working across projects to provide strategic direction and support.

Events Coordinator, The Glass Room

Louise M. Hisayasu

Louise supports The Glass Room team in working with remote partners internationally hosting interactive exhibitions on data and privacy.

Content Researcher

Amber Macintyre

Amber is a researcher looking at the way data is used in political processes around the world.

Production and Design Coordinator

Sophie Macpherson

Sophie works on creative production for Tactical Tech's Glass Room project, an interactive exhibition about data and privacy.

Director of Finance and HR

Daniela O'Halloran

Daniela is the Financial and HR Director, responsible for overseeing all of the organisation's finances and human resources.

Communications Coordinator

Alexander Ockenden

Alexander works on Communications of the organisation and the various Tactical Tech projects.

Project Lead, Exposing the Invisible

Laura Ranca

Laura leads Tactical Tech's Exposing the Invisible project which provides techniques, tools and methods of digital and non-digital investigations.

Front-End Developer

Saqib Sohail

Saqib is working in the Products Team across multiple projects support the development of Tactical Tech products.

Office Administrator

Carolina Soligo

Carolina is Tactical Tech's Office Administrator, working within the organisational team.

Finance Coordinator

Ngan Thi Thu Nguyen

Ngan is Tactical Tech's Finance Coordinator, working as part of the Operations Team.

Human Resources Manager

Joanna Tokarz-Haertig

Joanna manages the human resources of Tactical Tech.

Creative Director, Co-founder & Managing Board Member

Marek Tuszynski

Marek is the Creative Director of Tactical Tech, and he co-founded the organisation alongside Stephanie Hankey in 2003.

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System / Operation Engineer

Danja Vasiliev

Danja is the System / Operation Engineer at Tactical Tech, ensuring that the technology infrastructure is intact.

Development and Partnership Manager

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel is coordinating Tactical Tech's fundraising, as well as strategic partnership outreach and donor relations.

Project Lead, Data & Politics

Gary Wright

Gary is co-lead of Tactical Tech's Data & Politics project which looks at how data is being used in political processes around the world.

Supervisory Board Members

Board Member

Ravi Agarwal

Ravi is the founding director of Toxics Link, an Indian environmental NGO working on areas of chemical safety, toxics and waste. Over the past 14 years, Ravi and his group have played a key role, as civil society actors, to help formulate polices and regulations including those relating to bio medical waste, municipal solid waste and hazardous waste, besides implementing several best practice models on the ground.

Ravi is part of several standards and regulatory committees in the Government, and participates in UNEP, IFCS, WHO forums and International conventions, at various committees and panels. He has been awarded the IFCS Special Recognition Award (2008) and the prestigious Ashoka fellowship, and writes regularly on environmental issues in the media and journals. He is also a well known and accomplished photo-artist, and has published two photo books.

Board Member

Janet Dalziell

Janet is a consultant in organisational development, leadership and culture for NGOs and social enterprises. Until 2019 she worked for Greenpeace International as People and Culture Director, where she led the development and implementation of the organisation’s first global People Strategy, oversaw the creation of a leadership development programme, and led the development of an Integrity System for the global organisation. Prior to that, in her role overseeing the development of national and regional Greenpeace organisations around the world, she was one of the key architects of a major strategic change to the organisation’s operating model. She led Greenpeace’s global climate campaign in the period immediately after the agreement of the Kyoto Protocol, and, at the start of her career, participated in the campaign to save Antarctica as a wilderness, protected from exploitation.

Janet was born in Aotearoa New Zealand, and has lived in Amsterdam for over two decades. She has a Masters Degree in Resource Management, and was selected as a Yale World Fellow in 2013.

Board Member

Andrea Joras

Andrea is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in international cooperation. She has been highly committed to the sustainable development of societies throughout her career so far and brings in skills in operations and innovations management, international business development, Government relations and organisational development with a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics.

For more than 17 years she has been with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, a German State owned company implementing the technical development co-operation in around 120 countries and several locations in Europe. In different senior executive positions, she focused on the successful establishment of branches and strategic new business areas in Germany and abroad. Her regional focus was on Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East, where she asserted herself as the first female Regional Director of the GIZ in a male-dominated world.

Since 2015, she was given responsibility on C-level for non-profit organisations that contribute to societal transformation, first at Berlin Partner and today at Berghof Foundation Operations GmbH. From her time at Berlin Partner she brings in in-depth insight into the current state of digital technology in the German digital centre. As executive director of the Berghof Foundation her focus is on the comprehensive strategic and organizational realignment. In particular, she is striving for integrating the nexus of digitization and security into Berghof’s portfolio. Besides, she holds responsible for the finance and human resources departments and manage fundraising for private and public donors.

Board Member

Jonathan Landgrebe

Jonathan Landgrebe is a German publisher and CEO of the Suhrkamp Publishing House. He was born in Hamburg and studied in Göttingen, Lyon, Berkeley and Munich, where he obtained a doctorate in economics, and also followed the Technology Management Study Program of the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) of LMU and TU Munich. In 2008 he became a board member of Suhrkamp and has been CEO of Suhrkamp since 2015.

He is member of the board of the CDTM-Alumni, member of the foundation board of the Max Frisch Stiftung as well as a member of the board of directors of the Peter Suhrkamp Stiftung. He lives in Berlin.

Chair of the Board

Andre Wilkens

André Wilkens is the director of the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam.

He is also the Board Chair of Tactical Tech, the co-founder of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft and a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

In the past he worked as Director of the Mercator Centre Berlin, as Director of the Open Society Institute Brussels and as Head of Strategic Communications of UNHCR in Geneva.

His positions prior to this were at the Ogilvy & Mather communications agency in Brussels, the European Training Foundation in Turin and at the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels.

André is the author of two books: Analog ist das neue Bio (2015) and Der diskrete Charme der Bürokratie (2017), and a regular media contributor.