Andrea Joras

1 minute read | First published: May 21, 2023

Andrea is an experienced CEO/Senior Executive with a demonstrated history in international cooperation, and she brings extensive international experience from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and major industrialised countries. To shape the digital transformation in a socially responsible way is according to her longstanding experience the foundation of a successful transformation of our economic and social system towards sustainability, remaining one of the key challenges for the decades to come.

With around 20 years at GIZ and on C-level for two other non-profit organisations she is used to holding overall responsibility i.a. for finances and HR, which qualifies her for the role of the Treasurer at Tactical Tech. With Berlin being the nucleus of innovation and tech developments in Germany, especially from her time as CEO of Berlin Partner, Andrea brings valuable skills in operations and innovations management, international business development and government relations. As Executive Director at Berghof Foundation her focus was on the comprehensive strategic and organisational realignment. In particular, she has looked closely at the extent to which digital progress influences societies and conflict dynamic and integrated the nexus of digitisation and security into Berghof’s portfolio. Currently, her path led her back to GIZ where she is responsible for the global setting up of GIZ in the context of cybersecurity, thus remaining true to her interest in comprehensive transformation processes and being able to build on what she has dealt with before.