Visualising information for advocacy

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In 2013, Tactical Tech published a book, Visualising Information for Advocacy, based on years of experience working with human rights defenders.

After our first print run, we released the 2nd edition in late 2014, with a new cover. (Watch our "unpacking video" here.)

What's in it?

The book showcases over 60 examples of visual campaigns from around the world, and looks at what has made these campaigns effective. It's also full of advice and ideas on how to influence issues using the right combination of information, design, technologies and networks.

How to read it

Free digital version: In late 2014 we made the book available for free online. Download it here.

Printed copy: Alternatively, buy a copy of the book here, or if you work for a non-profit organisation and use data, design and technology for advocacy then we'll send you a free copy of the book. In return we ask that you promote the book in your community through an event, a blog post or a book review.