Terrace talks

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30 June 2016

Tactical Tech has long had an informal tradition of regularly inviting guests to come and talk to us about their work and works-in-progress.

We recently decided to both open it up and make it official; and our first Terrace Talk took place on 20 June, with visiting guests Ingrid Burrington and Orit Halpern.

The idea of the Terrace Talks ais that they are an informal space for activists, technologists, artists and researchers to present their works-in-progress to a local community. In keeping with the informal nature of the talks, there are no panels or strict presentation formats, and we make sure there is space for discussion, detail and even the classic staple of every question-time, the 'long comment masquerading as a question'.

We'll be documenting each of the talks - read our account of the first one below, and watch this space for future talks!

20 June: Ingrid Burrington and Orit Halpern