Tactical studios

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TACTICAL STUDIOS is Tactical Tech's creative agency which ran from 2010 to 2015.

The agency worked directly with clients - campaigners, NGOs and other organisations - to help them use information more effectively to communicate, raise awareness and push for social change.


Tactical Studios worked with, among others, The International Land Coalition, World Vision, GNP+, UN Special Rapporteur for Water and Sanitation, Open Societies Foundation, Practical Action, Global Partners Digital, Heinrich Böll Nigeria, Oxfam UK, CIJ (Centre for Independent Journalism), Euro Lobby Group, Heinrich Böll Berlin, Deutsche Aids Hilfe, Hivos, Transparency International, Frida, Publish What you Pay and UN Women, the Tor network, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, Oxfam GB, Child helpline International, World Vision, Cominc Relief, and Action Aid.

For more, visit the Tactical Studios website.