Info-activism camp 2009

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This Info-Activism Camp was hosted by Tactical Tech in collaboration with Aspiration in 2009. The camp was an intensive seven day hands-on workshop that brought together 130 advocates, from 35 countries, at a retreat style venue in Bangalore, India. Its aim was to enable advocates to creatively implement digital advocacy tactics by connecting them with others facing similar challenges, showcasing examples of successful tactics, helping them find the right solutions to meet their needs and giving them the hard-skills to implement ideas.

Info-Activism is an approach which helps rights advocates tactically utilise information, communications and digital technologies to enhance advocacy work. Tactical Tech believes that new technologies have significant potential to enhance the work of campaigners and advocates, giving them the tools to gather and analyse information and the means to turn that information into action. In this website, we would like to introduce you to our new initiative.