Flash training materials

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Tactical Tech runs pop-up trainings and international events; starting conversations about the security issues involved in using everyday digital tools: mobile phones, social media and email. We call this 'flash' training.

How does the internet work?

Along with a set of ten or so visiting-card-size flash cards that we use to get people to think about their digital security ("is that your password on a post-it?"), we also have a set of more detailed cards in A5 format, offering advice on 6 topics:

  • How the Internet Works
  • Safe Internet Browsing
  • Passwords
  • Safe Social Networking
  • Mobile Phone Security
  • Securing Your Email Passwords: the first line of defence


What are Digital Shadows?

Another set of A5 cards is aimed at raising awareness about our 'digital shadows' and providing information about how to protect your privacy:

  • What are Digital Shadows?
  • Nothing to Hide
  • Assessing the Risks
  • Endangering Others
  • Tracking

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