Info activism

The Exposing and Shaping Issues programme explores new forms of finding, creating and representing evidence by advocacy and activist groups and individuals. The project is made up of three main pillars:

Exposing The Invisible

The digital age has profoundly transformed the way people find and share information. The Internet is enabling collaboration between activists, hackers and journalists on an unprecedented scale. This has led to previously unimaginable possibilities in investigative reporting. People are newly empowered to uncover hidden information, expose corruption and bring the truth to light. Through a series of short films, Exposing the Invisible tells the personal stories of those working at the new frontiers of investigation. We explore their tools and methods and learn how they manage the risks of information activism. The project also offers a range of resources to help activists protect themselves and their work.

Visualising Information for Advocacy

Visualising Information for Advocacy is a book about how advocates and activists use visual elements in their campaigns. This 160-page guide features nearly 50 case studies from around the world to provide an introduction to understanding visual information and a framework for using images for influence. The book is available for free as a downloadable PDF or you can buy your own copy on The website also comes along with reviews of visualisation tools, tips on working with data and a blog with notes on data and design. Visualising Information for Advocacy is currently being translated into Arabic, Spanish and Russian, so stay tuned!

The Art of Visual Persuasion

How are images manipulated in the public sphere? How do issues get visually signposted whether positively or negatively? These are two of the questions we will be exploring in the coming year through practice-based research.