Digital security: tools and tactics for the lgbti community in the middle east and north africa

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Digital Security tools and tactics for the LGBTI community in the Middle East and North Africa was designed and written in collaboration with LGBTI human rights defenders from the region.

The guide serves as a contextualised introduction to the Security in-a-Box toolkit for human rights defenders, produced by Tactical Technology Collective and Front Line Defenders, expanding on its content to include important information, tools and tips particularly relevant to the LGBTI community in this region region, as identified by members of the community in workshops carried out in 2012.

The guide includes:

  • A visual exploration of the situation faced by LGBTI persons and human rights defenders in the region, from a legal, social, political perspective, as well as notes - where records exist - of digital attacks on LGBT persons;

  • A guide on how to assess your digital security risk which looks at tools which can be used to help you decide which digital security tools and tactics are relevant to your situation;

  • A chapter on how to protect yourself and your data on LGBTI dating sites;

  • A chapter on how to delete hidden data from files using metadata removal tools;

  • Additional hands-on guides for Crabgrass, a secure, decentralised collaboration platform, and Metanull, an image metadata removal tool.