Digital security for environmental rights defenders in sub-saharan africa

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Image from Chapter 7: How to make a distress call in emergencies

This guide is part of the series of 'Community Focus' guides based on Tactical Tech and Front Line Defenders 'Security in-a-Box' toolkit.

The Guide is available online:

and as a PDF:

Challenges and threats Due to the nature of their work, environmental rights defenders often challenge the powerful economic interests of states or multi-national companies, which can lead them to face severe threats.

With this in mind, since 2012 Tactical Tech has been collaborating with environmental rights defenders in sub-Saharan Africa to carry out research, raise awareness and build digital security skills among the community.

This Guide was written in collaboration with, and specifically for, this community.

What's in the Guide In addition to an overview of security basics, the Guide focuses on topics that are likely to be especially relevant, including:

  • how to assess your digital security risks
  • how to protect your evidence
  • how to use your smartphone more securely
  • how to make a a distress call in emergencies