Digital security

Through our Digital Security and Privacy programme, we work with rights advocates, journalists, activists and others to build their digital security skills.

We do this through:

  • intensive trainings with small groups (normally 2-5 days)
  • workshops
  • flash interventions, where we offer advice and materials at large-scale advocacy events.
  • toolkits and guides, often available both online and in booklet forms
  • short films and animations
  • talks and panels


In 2014 we reached almost 2,000 people directly through more than 60** digital security trainings and workshops, flash interventions, consultancies, and training-of trainer events, and reached more than 1,400 through talks, panels, and webinars.


**Security in-a-box: This is ourmain toolkit for digital security is developed in 2009 with Frontline Defenders. Since then it has been regularly updated, and is available in 15 languages.


Our Survival in the Digital Age** films are a few years old now, but are still very relevant and much-used. Our protagonist is ONO Robot; in these films he takes you through the technologies you use (computers, the internet, mobile phones) and looks the risks each technology might pose to your safety and privacy.


**We have two main applied research projects currently in development:

  • Holistic Security, a project which aims to bring together the digital security, physical security and psycho-social well-being issues a human rights defender may face. We're currently working on holistic security materials, to be published later in 2015.

  • Habit change: Moving from knowing to acting: Even when advocates understand the risks, they often do not change their digital habits and practices. Why, and what can be changed? The first results from our research will be published in 2015.