Decrypting encryption

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August 2015 Decrypting Encryption is a new series of short animations on the encryption/decryption tool GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

Episode 01: Privacy Please!

Privacy Please! covers the basics: What does GPG do? What does it not do? Why might we want to use it? When might we not want to use it?

Episode 02: The Key concept

The Key Concept takes a more detailed look at how GPG key pairs work.

Episode 3: Show Me Your Private Bytes

Show Me Your Private Bytes explains what 'symmetric' and 'asymmetric' types of encryption are. It also looks at how you can verify the identity of the person you're writing to, by checking their public key and unique fingerprints.

The series is produced by Tactical Technology Collective, and has been made possible by the LevelUp project.