Arabic info-activism cards

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These cards, in Arabic, are based on some of the content from our 2009 film and materials, 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action.

The pack was developed to provide inspiration and guidance to rights advocates and trainers in the Arab region, and feature 16 examples of information activism campaigns from this region, looking at how these campaigns were developed and implemented.


The examples are showcased within three broad tactics:

1) Make Your Issue Their Interest | Provoke. Inspire. Amuse.

This tactic shows how advocates have used humor, parody and culture jamming to draw attention to their issues and make their messages stand out.

2) Make Your Issue Their Issue | Explore. Challenge. Educate.

This tactic covers the strategies advocates have used to transform information into rich and well-crafted stories or visual aids to make audiences more engaged with and informed about an issue.

3) Make Your Issue Their Action | Trigger. Mobilize. Act.

This tactic covers the strategies advocates have used to transform informed intention into action and push audiences from being passive observers towards engaged actors.

The three tactics are a new way of approaching advocacy work through technology and information, as detailed in our upcoming guide about communicating for advocacy, which will also be available in an Arabic version specifically customised for the region.

The pack was designed by Lebanese designer and illustrator Maya Zankoul, who worked with us on the Visualising Women's Rights in the Arab World project back in 2010.

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