Our projects

Tactical Tech currently works in three thematic areas:

  • Privacy focuses on data, privacy and profiling. Our primary project in this area is Me and My Shadow.

  • Digital security builds digital security awareness and skills. Our main project in this area is Security in-a-box, which also supports our digital security trainings.

  • Info activism explores new forms of finding, creating and representing evidence. Our biggest project here is Exposing the Invisible.


Through our work with groups and individuals - human rights defenders, accountability and transparency advocates, independent journalists, activist groups and others - we have created and co-created a range of materials and resources over the years. These generally take the form of online toolkits, printed guides, and films and animations.

We continue to be actively engaged with the communities we work with, through workshops, trainings and events, and of course through collaboration with local partners, and this in turn informs our materials.


All of our materials are licensed under Creative Commons licensing, so that they may be shared and used as widely as possible. We also welcome (and encourage!) adaptations and translations.

A lot of our materials are available in multiple langauges; much of this translation has been done by volunteers. If you'd like to translate any of our materials into your own language, please get in touch!