10 tactics

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Our project 10 Tactics, launched in 2009, asked a question:

How do you get people talking about how information and digital technologies can be used to create change?

Our 50-minute film 10 Tactics for turning information into action opened up one way to do this, with NGOs, groups and individuals hosting 200 public screenings in 50 countries, in a format that encouraged discussion afterwards. The film also saw more than 20 volunteer-led translations and adaptations, and we were delighted to see a global community of engaged "info-activists" take shape around the film.

The film

10 Tactics for turning information into action documents 35 info-activism stories, told by rights advocates from 24 different countries, including Lebanon, India, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, South Africa and the UK. Highlights include accounts of:

  • Noha Atef's blog TortureinEgypt.net, which led to the release of illegally detained prisoner;
  • The use of YouTube karaoke videos to raise awareness about sex workers rights in Cambodia;
  • FrontlineSMS being used for citizen reporting during this year's violent clashes in Madagascar.

Info-activism cards

A set of cards was designed to complement the film with examples from the video. Each card included a detailed case study followed by tips and advice on how to use similar tactics effectively.

The 10 Tactics project was expanded in 2012 with a new website, 10 Tactics Remixed, showcasing new case studies and tactics.