The glass room experience

Do you feel your digital self is slipping out of control? Installed too many apps? Clicked “I agree” too many times? Maybe its time to visit a Data Detox Bar near you. Or better yet, your organisation or event could host you own.

Last year, we started testing out The Glass Room Experience, a smaller, portable version of The Glass Room complete with a Data Detox Bar that we can easily take to events or send to organisations to host their own Glass Room.

The Glass Room Experience, designed with our long-time collaborators La Loma, has replicas of some of the key exhibits from The Glass Room including the Gates Foundation Fertility Chip, a bubble over Mark Zuckerberg’s house and a new version of the Apple Tower – showing Apple’s vast cash reserves.

We even have the Alphabet Empire, originally a web of nails and threads showing all of Google’s investments, re-imagined as a giant dot-to-dot puzzle. All the objects are displayed as 3D installations either on tables, on walls, or even in a tunnel.

Alongside the exhibits we have a Data Detox Bar, including overhead monitors and tablets showing our animations, and of course the Data Detox Kit, our 8-day digital makeover, which you can find online here.

The Glass Room Experience at the Tate. Photo: David Mirzeoff

Last year we set up Glass Room Experiences at The Big Bang Data Exhibition in Prague’s Dox Contemporary Art Centre, on at boat at the Unlock Event in Prague, as part of Doki.Tech in Prishtina, Kosovo and in Stockholm with the folks at Kista Library - complete with Data Detox Kits in Swedish! In the lead up to the main Glass Room exhibition in Autumn, we also set up Glass Room Experiences at the Tate Modern and for the Victoria and Albert Museum's Design Week.

The response we have got from everywhere we’ve been has been fantastic – we’ve given out at thousands of data detox kits with new versions produced in Czech, Swedish, and most recently in French. And we’ve made lots of new contacts with people keen to host their own Glass Room.

You can get involved to. All you’ll need to host your own Glass Room is a space at least big enough for a bar, a few spare tables, a few basic materials and some time to set up. And we’ll send you the box of assets. For organisations in Europe we may ask for a contribution to the production costs. Head to our website to sign up or find out more or visit the project page on our website to find out what's in the latest version.