Organisational info

Information as required by Dutch law for a non-profit foundation (Stichting), and in the interests of transparency

Tactical Tech is a registered Dutch Stichting, an international non-profit organisation with an office, in Berlin, Germany.

Contact Tactical Technology Collective Brunnenstr 9 10119 Berlin Germany t: +49 30 417 153 33

Directors: Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski

RSIN (legal entities & Partnerships Identification Number): 8123 31 606

Objective (mission statement): Our mission is to advance the skills, tools and techniques of rights advocates, empowering them to use information and communications to help marginalised communities understand and effect progressive social, environmental and political change.

Strategy (summary) 2014-2017 Tactical Tech believes that digital technologies and the information they help us to create, collect and disseminate are critical to efforts to defend and advance rights, to increase transparency and accountability and to ensure freedom of opinion, expression and association.

Our work is dedicated to working practically to advance human rights and uphold democratic principles.

While it is almost impossible to avoid leaving information trails behind us when we use digital technologies, this is also true of those in power, such as governments and corporations. This can be of great help to those working to expose abuses of power and uncover injustice. For this reason we have a dual focus: helping political actors to utilise digital technologies to expose and shape issues on the one hand, while ensuring on the other that they understand their own related privacy and security concerns.

Our work – developed out of a decade of direct capacity building – seeks to practically develop the specialised information and technology skills and strategies of those working to defend and advance fundamental freedoms. Our aim is to empower rights, accountability and justice advocates and the communities they work with to use information and digital tools effectively and safely, as well as to develop the practice, creativity and aptitude of the sector overall.

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Tactical Tech's ANBI Certification from the Netherlands Tax Authorities (an English translation can be found here.)

Payment policy Board members do not receive financial remuneration for their work as members of the Tactical Tech board, apart from relevant expenses.

Salaries of staff members, including the directors, are calculated at a competitive rate for international NGOs and are scaled according to experience, qualifications, skills and responsibilities.