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Press Reviews

PSFK, February 2017: Fake Pop-Up Seeks To Uncover The Dark Side Of Modern Communication [EN]
Vogue, January 2017: Forget About That Cleanse - Do a Data Detox Instead [EN]
Financial Times, January 2017: Give your online personal data a detox [EN]
Vice The Creators Project, January 2017: Fake Pop-Up Exposes the Dark Side of the Information Age [EN]
The Verge, December 2016: The Glass Room turns internet surveillance into art [EN]
Vice Motherboard, December 2016: Enter the Glass Room where Privacy goes to die [EN]
New York Times Magazine, December 2016: Finding Inspiration for Art in the Betrayal of Privacy [EN]
The New Yorker, December 2016: Above and Beyond [EN]
WNYC, December 2016: There's No Escaping Big Data in 'The Glass Room' [EN]
CBS New York, January 2017: Think Your Mobile Devices Aren't Hackable? Think Again [EN]
Forbes, December 2016: The Glass Room: A Real-World 'Black Mirror' Episode [EN]
Yahoo Tech, December 2016: The Glass Room shows how little privacy we really have [EN]
CNBC, December 2016: Mozilla's art installation warns about how companies are using your data [EN]
Business Insider, December 2016: I took a tour of the popup store that shows how little privacy you actually have [EN]
Bloomberg, December 2016: Inside Mozilla's "The Glass Room" [EN]
Gothamist, December 2016: 'The Glass Room' In SoHo Will Make You Want To Burn Your iPhone [EN]
Engadget, December 2016: Mozilla helped build a gallery-style exhibit on data security [EN]
Fast Codesign, December 2016: Visit The Internet's Dark Side At This Demented Apple Store It’s like Black Mirror . . . but it’s real life [EN]
Fast Company, December 2016: This Mozilla-sponsored art exhibit highlights the real dangers of mass data collection [EN]
Hyperallergic, December 2016: A Tech Collective Sets Up a Sleek Boutique - to Help Visitors Elude Big Data [EN]
Digital Trends, December 2016: You have zero privacy thanks to tech, and these artists can prove it [EN]
PCMag, December 2016: Living in Glass Houses [EN] & Fast Forward: Art, Online Privacy, and Mark Zuckerberg's House [EN]
Habertürk, December 2016: 8 günde data detoksu (Data Detox in 8 Days) (TR)
Data & Society - Points, December 2016: Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror Had a Showroom, This Would Be It [EN]
Pagina99, January 2017: A Manhattan ho imparato a essere invisibile sul web (In Manhattan I learned to be invisible on the web) [IT]
Fuze, December 2016: 「The Glass Room」私たちは皆、ガラスの部屋の中で生きている ("The Glass Room" We are all living in a glass room) [JP]
Fusfoo, December 2016: Don't Let Your Data Define You! [EN], December 2016: Here's what millions of leaked passwords look like, and other scenes from inside The Glass Room [EN]
GeekWire, December 2016: Here's what millions of leaked passwords look like — possibly including your own [EN]
PR Week, December 2016: A Trendy New York Pop Up by Mozilla will teach you about Online Security [EN]
Naked Security, December 2016: New York exhibition puts us – and our data – on display [EN]
Science Info, December 2016: The Glass Room shows how little privacy we really have [EN]
Tom's Guide, December 2016: The Glass Room Will Change the Way You Think About Privacy [EN]
Spectrum News, December 2016: Glass Room Exhibit Explores How Your Online Data is Collected and Used [EN]
Pix11, December 2016: SoHo art exhibit draws attention to lack of privacy in world of technology [EN]
Metro NY, December 2016: Our tech reality doesn't have to be like 'Black Mirror [EN], December 2016: These Brooklyn artists are exploring the dark side of Big Data [EN]
MasTicable, January 2016: 8 días para desintoxicar nuestro “Yo digital” (8 days to detoxify our "Digital Self") [ES]
SC Media, December 2016: Time for a Data Detox [EN]
Adweek, December 2016: After Trump's Win, Security Groups and Marketers Are Anxious About Digital Privacy [EN]
Yahoo Tech, December 2016: The Glass Room: An Investigation And Intervention Into Our Online Lives Pops-Up In New York On CyberMonday [EN], December 2016: Mozilla lanceert interactieve tentoonstelling over privacy (Mozilla launches an interactive exhibit about privacy) [NL]
Businesswire, December 2016: The Glass Room: An Investigation and Intervention into Our Online Lives Pops-up in New York [EN]
Mozilla, December 2016: Interview with Henrik Chulu (Video) [EN]
Stylus Life, December 2016: This NY pop-up makes you question your relationship to technology [EN]
CNET, December 2016: You won't feel secure about digital privacy after visiting New York's Glass Room [EN]
Moment - New York, December 2016: Glass Room NYC: Datenschutz Aus Deutschland (Glass Room NYC: Data Protection from Germany) [DE]
Vocative, December 2016: How To Keep Your Online Privacy In The Age Of Trump [EN]
Trendhunter, December 2016: 'The Glass Room' Comments on Privacy in the Digital World [EN]
Theory of Everything (podcast), December 2016: The fairest of them all? [EN]