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L'ADN, November 2017: Un detox bar pour dédramatiser la data [FR] A detox bar to de-dramatise the data
Alphr, October 2017: The Glass Room: Uncover the secrets of your online life in Mozilla's new exhibition [EN]
AOL, October 2017: Dystopian pop-up in London looks at future of data tracking [EN]
Al Jazeera News, October 2017: Repeat coverage of The Glass Room London during Al Jazeera's rolling news broadcast on 27/10/2017
Art Agenda, October 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Art Licks, October 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Associated Press, October 2017: Dystopian exhibit reveals how our data is tracked [EN]
BBC Future, October & November 2017: The eight-day guide to a better digital life [EN], Як оздоровити своє онлайн-життя [UA] How to improve your online life & What does the internet know about? Watch now to find out! (BBC Future Facebook Live video) [EN]
BBC Radio 4 - You & Yours, October 2017: Expensive care options, Data detox, Horrible Halloween 26/10/2017 (from 23:02) [EN]
BBC Radio London, October 2017: BBC Radio London with Simon Lederman and Jamie Kelsey Fry 25/10/2017 (from 2:08:20) [EN]
BBC World Service - Tech Tent, October 2017: Facebook Scares Publishers & Tech Tent: Media panic at Facebook news experiment [EN]
Breathe Publication, November 2017: Looking Through The Glass Room - Examining our privacy in a digital landscape [EN]
Campaign, October 2017: Mozilla encourages people to 'reduce digital footprint' with pop-up [EN]
Channel 4 News, October 2017: The darker side of data privacy video [EN]
cnBeta, November 2017: The Glass Room伦敦展把网络监控变成艺术 [CN] London show turns network monitoring into art
The Courier, October, 2017: Disruptive tech store sells noting except reflection [EN]
Ctr Alt Delete, October 2017: Let's Talk About Privacy, Our Data and The Internet [EN]
The Culture Trip, October 2017: Exploring the Erosion of Internet Privacy with Interactive Art [EN]
Data Privacy Philippines, October 2017: London's The Glass Room to Help Raise Consumer Privacy Awareness [EN]
Design Week, October 2017: The Glass Room: the exhibition uncovering the hidden side of our online lives & 5 Important Things That Happened In Design This Week [EN]
Digitcult, October 2017: The Glass Room [IT]
Digital Agency Network, November 2017: Reclaim Your Digital Self – The Glass Room Experience [EN]
Digital Trends, November 2017: As Chrome tarnishes, Mozilla is ready to reignite Firefox with Quantum [EN]
Dominic Tyler Blog, November 2017: Looking into our online lives with The Glass Room [EN]
Eye Magazine, October 2017: Events October - Don't Miss The Glass Room [EN]
Fiona Cullinan, November 2017: On becoming a Glass Room Ingenius [EN]
Forbes, November 2017: This App Will Help You Regain Control Over Your Data (And Devices) [EN]
Huffington Post, November 2017: From Menstruation Apps to Nude Selfies: Data Politics [EN]
Insider Pro, November 2017: Тотальная слежка: Что о вас знает интернет (и что с этим делать) [RU] Total surveillance: What does the Internet know about you (and what to do about it)
Kenosha News, January 2018: Teens hooked on tech may be at risk [EN]
Kidslox, November 2017: Kidslox Reviews: Data Detox Kit [EN]
LINC (Digital Innovation Laboratory of the CNIL), January 2018: Quelle est l’odeur de votre vie privée ? [FR]_ The smell of your private life_
The List, October 2017: The Glass Room [EN]
Londonist, October 2017: Things To Do Today In London [EN]
Le Macchine Volanti, December 2017: I nostri dati personali finiscono in vetrina [IT] Our personal data end up in the window
Marketing Data, October 2017: Glass Room by Mozilla & TTC in London [EN]
Marketing Week, November 2017: How Firefox owner Mozilla is helping consumers take control of their digital lives [EN]
Mashable, October 2017: This store with nothing for sale wants to help you take control of your online privacy [EN]
Monocle - The Urbanist, November 2017: Technology and utopias - The Glass Room [EN] Episode 318 (from 08:39)
The Mozilla Blog, October 2017: Mozilla and Tactical Technology Collective bring The Glass Room to London [EN]
New Scientist, November 2017: I went on a data diet and all I got was ads and paranoia [EN] & Ik ging op datadieet en ontdekte hoe gemakkelijk ik mijzelf te grabbel gooide [NL] I went on a data diet and discovered how easily I threw myself away
Neowin, October 2017: The Glass Room will teach Londoners scary things about data [EN]
Nesta, November 2017: Bringing the data privacy debate to the high street [EN]
NYU News, November 2017: “Eccentric Engineering” on Display at The Glass Room, London [EN]
PSFK, November 2017: This Store Helps You Dig Deep Into Your Private Data [EN]
The Restart Project, December 2017: Restart Radio: Exploring personal data at the Glass Room [EN]
Red Shark, November 2017: Who’s got your information? Here’s how to protect yourself [EN]
Secret London, October 2017: This Interactive Art Gallery Is Helping You Detox Your Data [EN]
The Social Change Agency, November 2017: The Glass Room: Technology is inherently political [EN]
State Library of Queensland Blogs, November 2017: Fancy a Data Detox? [EN]
The Sydney Morning Herald, October 2017: A disruptive tech store with nothing for sale but reflection [EN]
TechRepublic, November 2017: Video: The Glass Room will force you to reconsider digital privacy [EN]
Tech Trends, November 2017: Big Mother is Watching You [EN]
Urban 75, November 2017: In photos: The Glass Room, a disruptive tech store with nothing for sale in London [EN]
The Verge, November 2017: Turning the specter of internet surveillance into art [EN]
Vice - Motherboard, November 2017: Ho lavorato per Facebook ma Mark Zuckerberg non mi pagherà [IT] I worked for Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg will not pay me
Voice, October 2017: The Glass Room: Looking into your online life [EN]
Voice of America News, November 2017: New Exhibit Shows How Tech Intrudes on Our Lives [EN]
The Windows Club, January 2018: Data Detox from Mozilla lets you live a Balanced Digital Lifestyle [EN]
Wired, November 2017: Firefox thinks Quantum can beat Chrome with ethics… and speed [EN]
Wirtschafts Woche, October 2017: Im digitalen Glaskasten [DE] In the digital glass case
Yahoo News, October 2017: This store with nothing for sale wants to help you take control of your online privacy [EN] & Dystopian pop-up in London looks at future of data tracking [EN]
ZDNet, November 2017: Can you have secrets online? This unusual pop-up shop will make you think again & Inside the pop-up store that reveals the truth about web privacy [EN]