About us

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based non-profit organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. We provide trainings, conduct research and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data.

Our work has gone through a number of phases since the organisation was founded in 2003, but the core principle hasn't changed: we investigate the ways in which digital technologies change society and impact individual autonomy and agency, using our findings to drive practical solutions for an international audience of civil society actors and engaged citizens.

Take a look at our timeline to discover the milestones from the past 15 years, or read a short history of Tactical Tech to understand our origins.

Tactical Tech's Annual Report

Within our three main areas of work we achieved a lot throughout the year, working with our partners, hosting events, and contributing to the global conversation about technology and how it impacts our lives.

Here's an overview of our main achievements, or you can read the full report here.

Overview of the Annual Report. Design: Ingo Diekhaus