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Updated Content in Four Languages for the Security-in-a-box Tactics Guides

What are the Tactics Guides?
The Tactics Guides cover basic principles of digital security, including advice on how to create strong passwords, remain anonymous on the internet, or use a smartphone more securely. They're written for human rights defenders, activists, journalists and civil society organisations who need to communicate safely because of the environment their working in, or the content they're dealing with.

Why the updates?
A lot has changed in the decade since these were originally released: the rise of the mobile phone, and later the smart phone, the proliferation of social media and the shift of services, communication methods and friend networks into the online space. Updates to these guides over the years have encouraged people to adopt digital security methods in the face of changes, and the risks that come with those changes.

The Updated Tactics Guides
Protect Your Device From Malware and Phishing attacks
Protect Your Information From Physical Threats
Create and Maintain Strong Passwords
Keep Your Digital Communication Private
Remain Anonymous and Bypass Censorship on the Internet
Use Your Smartphone as Securely as Possible

Translations have also been made of the guides in the following languages:
Bahasa Indonesia

About Security-in-a-box
Security in-a-box was jointly created in 2009 by Tactical Tech and Front Line Defenders to meet the digital security and privacy needs of human rights defenders. Although the toolkit was designed primarily to address the growing needs of advocates in the global South - particularly human rights defenders - the software guides and security strategies in this toolkit are relevant to everyone; specifically people working with sensitive information. This may include vulnerable minorities, independent journalists or whistleblowers, as well as advocates working on a range of issues, from environmental justice to anti-corruption.