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Personal Data and Political Influence in Italy

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the Cambridge Analytica Facebook story, it is a good moment to look at the broader ecosystem: an industry that is extensively using, buying and selling data in elections and political campaigns and exporting and trading these services across borders.

We've just published the first country-specific study that looks at the localised impact of data harvesting for political purposes in Italy. Journalist and researcher Fabio Chiusi and software developer and security analyst Claudio Agosti outline what they see in their local contexts and how this impacts democratic processes.

In collaboration with international partners, we'll be releasing 14 more studies to identify and examine some of the key aspects and trends in the use of data and digital strategies in recent and/or upcoming elections in countries including Argentina, Canada, India, Kenya and Malaysia, among others.

This article is published as part of The Influence Industry - a series looking at the use of data in political campaigning and elections.