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Geotargeting: The Political Value of Your Location

Our location reveals a wealth of information about us, not only about where we happen to be but also about what we are interested in, how we spend our time and what we value. It reveals our commutes to work, trips to the supermarket and outings with our friends and family. Political campaigns are recognising the value of this information and are investing in detailed, geolocation-based services for the intelligence they contain. Today, location information is the single most valuable piece of data for political campaigns. Instead of using demographics to target their political advertisements, campaigns are leveraging information about our habits and behaviours – insights offered by our geolocation data.

Tactical Tech's research has identified a number of geolocation-related methods employed by political campaigns. This piece highlights three of them: geofencing, property and mobile geotargeting, and IP targeting. This list is far from exhaustive. Another emerging location-based political development – the use of personal data in door-to-door campaigning – will be covered in a forthcoming piece in our series.

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