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[New Release] France: Data Violations in Recent Elections

The 2017 French presidential elections, held in April and May, took place under exceptional circumstances. France was still in a state of emergency following the November 2015 Paris attacks that resulted in the death of 130 civilians. For the first time since 2002, a candidate from the right-wing National Front party advanced past the first round of elections. Not only did the eligible incumbent President – François Hollande – decide not to seek re-election, but both traditional left and right parties failed to advance to the second, run-off election, the first case of either instance since the start of France’s Fifth Republic in 1958. The contest between National Front candidate Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron of the centrist party En Marche! resulted in a victory for Macron, who won 66% of the vote.

This report encompasses themes from France’s strict history of data protection, legal shortcomings, ambiguities, broken laws in political campaigning and a closer look at how political actors are circumventing regulations.

For this report, Tactical Tech partnered with Judith Duportail, a freelance journalist who frequently writes on freedom, love, and the role technology plays in mediating the two.

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