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Personal Data in Colombia’s 2018 Legislative and Presidential Elections

Tactical Tech partnered with José Luis Peñarredonda, Associate Researcher at the Fundación Karisma based in Bogotá, to examine the personal information that candidates and parties have accumulated on Colombian voters and how they use it. The report, completed prior to the presidential election in June, includes an analysis of the digital presence of 48 candidates and 11 political parties. It also draws on original interviews conducted with four insiders about the role of personal information and digital tools in Colombian campaigning. A journalist and researcher, Peñarredonda holds a master’s degree in digital culture from King’s College London and has written on the use of surveillance against peace process negotiators in Colombia. He also covers matters related to technology and politics more broadly with Fundación Karisma, a Colombian civil society organisation that works on human rights and technology issues, including the communication of surveillance policy and the challenges to freedom of expression posed by the circulation of disinformation online.

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