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Voter Rolls and Geo-targeting in Chile

The recent 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections in Chile saw candidates making use of personal data and data-driven campaign techniques. The implementation of a new proportional electoral system changed the rules of representation, opening up the possibility for new political parties and alliances to enter the Congress, beyond the two great coalitions that had dominated national politics since 1989. The new system increases the number of Senators and Representatives and is intended to encourage and increase voter participation. It also changes the balance of political power and has made institutions rethink ways of maintaining or extending their influence.

We partnered with FundaciĆ³n Datos Protegidos to investigate the role of data-driven campaigning in Chilean elections. Datos Protegidos is a non-profit organisation based in Chile that works with research, education, advocacy and policy on the right to privacy and the protection of personal data as fundamental rights.

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