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New Year, New Digital You

Thinking of making 2019 the year you take control of your data? We’ve curated the top 10 most popular Data Detox goals from the past year, to help you start the year off right. The Data Detox is an 8-day kit, designed to help you gain control of your online life in just 30 minutes or less per day. Recently, we’ve expanded it with a series of bonus articles touching on privacy in online dating, smart habits for smartphone users, and managing your voice assistant. Happy 2019!

  • Tip 1. Location, location, location. Your location data gives huge insights into who you are. Try turning it off for the apps that don’t rely on it to function >>>

  • Tip 2. Date wisely. When setting up a dating profile, don’t login via your social media account. This can lead to links between your dating life and social life that don't need to be there >>>

  • Tip 3. Smart phone, smart habits. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Turn off notifications for apps you don’t use daily to make it easier on yourself >>>

  • Tip 4. Put physical distance between you and your phone, especially first thing in the morning and right before you go to sleep >>>

  • Tip 5. Try going greyscale. Colourful screens seduce us into spending more time on them. Switch your phone to ‘Grey Mode’ for a week and see if that reduces the amount of time you look at it >>>

  • Tip 6. De-Googlise your life. Feeling the excess of data from 2018? Clean up your Google activity from 2018 and make a fresh start this year >>>

  • Tip 8. Don't be too friendly with your voice assistant. Have an Alexa? She’s storing all your interactions. Listen to and delete the recordings >>>

  • Tip 9. Does everyone need to know your name? Is your phone shouting your name to the Wi-Fi network of every cafe, office and apartment you visit? Change the name on your phone so it’s not personally identifiable >>>

  • Tip 10. Try an app cleanse. We all go through periods of overindulgence when it comes to apps: “Just one more... It’s free... What’s the harm?” But the more apps you have, the more data you give away. Go through your apps and delete the ones you don’t really need >>>

Try out the full Data Detox Kit online, available in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.