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Tactical Tech and ARROW are excited to launch the 2016 ARROW for Change (AFC) Bulletin on Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and the Internet.

Guest-edited by Tactical Tech, the 2016 AFC bulletin includes contributions from 16 sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and tech activists, researchers, and writers, who explore the relationships and interdependencies influencing the promises of being online: voice, visibility, and power; and look at the possibilities offered by technologies to SRHR work, amidst challenges related to access, the corporatisation of the internet, collusion between governments and technology companies, censorship, violations of privacy, sexism, and violence, amongst others.

Collectively, these contributions posit a need for inter-movement building and collaborations between political struggles of digital sovereignty and freedom and those of bodily integrity and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

ABOUT ARROW FOR CHANGE (AFC) The AFC bulletin is a peer-reviewed serial publication produced by the Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) that aims to contribute global-South-oriented, rights-based, and gender analyses of issues related to health, sexuality, and rights


  • The New Green: The Landscapes of Digital Activism – Maya Indira Ganesh
  • Fighting Online Misogyny, Fighting a Corporatized Internet - Nadine Moawad
  • Minding the Data Gap: Data Risks and Revolutions in Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals – Melissa Ditmore
  • Quantifying Fertility and Reproduction through Mobile Apps: A Critical Overview - Vanessa Rizk and Dalia Othman
  • Apps, Drones, and iTunes: Opportunities and Challenges in Using New Technologies for Safe Medical Abortion Services - Rebecca Gomperts
  • The Potential Impact of Free Basics on SRHR Advocacy in Bangladesh - Zara Rahman
  • Gender, Romance, and the Internet: The Creation of a Non-Binary, Non-Binary Person - Nadika Nadja
  • Is Access Real? Disability, Sexuality, and the Digital Space - Nidhi Goyal
  • Security in Contentious Contexts: Exploring Digital Resilience for Organisations Serving Sexual and Gender Minorities - Ira Briones and Thilaga Sulathireh
  • Safer Nudes! A Sexy Guide to Digital Security - Natasha Felizi, Joana Varon, Fernanda Shirakawa and Raquel Rennó
  • Women’s Bodies on Digital Battlegrounds: Networks of Information and Support by Pro-choice Activists in Latin America - Alexandra Hache and Mayeli Sanchez Martinez
  • Access, Legislation, and Online Freedom of Expression: A Data Overview - Dalia Othman