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What is personal data in an age where data is everything but personal? The Glass Room, curated by Tactical Tech, and produced by Mozilla, is a pop-up cultural intervention that prompts people to think about how their data is generated, harvested, traded and sold, each and every day.

Since its latest iteration in London, where we spoke to close to 19,000 visitors, we’re now asking individuals, organisations and events to host their own. All you need is a space at least big enough for a bar, a few spare tables, a few basic materials and some time to set up. And we’ll send you the box of assets.

The Glass Room Experience, designed with our long-time collaborators La Loma, has replicas of some of the key exhibits from The Glass Room including: Fertility Chip, a model of a remote-control fertility chip that can be implanted into a women’s body to control her fertility for up to 16 years; Zuckerberg House, a model of the Facebook’s founder’s house, and the four houses surrounding it, which he bought for £30 million after stating in 2010 that the age of privacy was over; and a new version of Apple Towers – showing Apple’s vast cash reserves, in comparison various governmental governmental budgets, such as amount spent on humanitarian aid.

We even have Alphabet Empire – a map showing the acquisitions and investments that Alphabet (parent company of Google) has made since 1998 - originally a web of nails and threads, re-imagined for The Glass Room Experience as a giant dot-to-dot puzzle. All the objects are displayed as 3D installations either on tables, on walls, or even in a tunnel.

Alongside the exhibits we have a Data Detox Bar, including overhead monitors and tablets showing our animations, and of course the Data Detox Kit, our 8-day digital makeover, which you can find online here.

The Glass Room Experience at the Tate. Photo: David Mirzeoff

Last year, we set up Glass Room Experiences at The Big Bang Data Exhibition in Prague’s Dox Contemporary Art Centre, on at boat at the Unlock Event in Prague, as part of Doki.Tech in Prishtina, Kosovo, in Stockholm with the folks at Kista Library - complete with Data Detox Kits in Swedish, and also at events in Budapest and Copenhagen. In the lead up to the main Glass Room exhibition in Autumn, we also set up Glass Room Experiences at the Tate Modern and for the Victoria and Albert Museum's Design Week. During The Glass Room London, the Experience was also touring the UK with appearances at Bristol, Birmingham.

2018 is going to be another busy year for The Glass Room Experience.

  • In January we set up at The Munt Punt Library in Brussels as part of Privacy Salon’s privacy week. The exhibition was up for two weeks and we held a talk on the exhibition and a workshop.
  • And later in January, we went jet-black with a Data Detox Bar at Berlin Fashion Week alongside our partners Mozilla. Over two days our Ingeniuses talked to Berlin’s premier fashionistas about getting a data detox alongside a new wardrobe. And visitors could also browse through the 4.8 million passwords in Forgot Your Password, one of the objects from The Glass Room Exhibition.

We now have over 60 organisations interested in hosting their own Glass Room Experience over 2018 from Sweden, Columbia, Nigeria, Australia, the US and also here in Germany.

Coming up we have an installation at The University of Gloucestershire in the UK in February, a cryptoRave in Brazil in May and the Gogobot festival in the Netherlands in September.

We also have our new easy to print version of the Data Detox Kit – which you can print on A4 paper. If you know anyone or any group that would be interested in printing these, please let us know.

_We are just starting work on new versions of The Glass Room Experience that should be ready to ship out later in the year. If you are interested in setting up a Glass Room Experience at your organisation, event or space in 2018 do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you at _