Consultancy Call: Writer and editor for self-learning investigation resources

Consultancy Call: Writer and editor for self-learning investigation resources

Tactical Tech is seeking a part-time writer and editor to consult on a series of self-learning investigation resources being developed under our Exposing the Invisible and Exposing the Invisible: The Kit projects.

These resources are part of a one-year long project to engage, support and connect civil society investigators in the European Union, developed by Tactical Tech and funded by the European Commission. The project aims to strengthen investigative skill-sharing and safety awareness among journalists, researchers, human rights defenders, citizen investigators, technologists and others as well as to mentor emerging civil society investigators through collaborative workshops and joint development of new learning resources.

The ideal candidate should be able to:

- structure and re-write written content into accessible self-learning guides, articles, and training curricula

- help identify and complete gaps in content drafted by contributors by using their own knowledge or passing it to other reviewers

- oversee content production and monitor deadlines

- edit content for clarity; craft and refine ideas

- line-edit, background research, fact-check and proofread written content

- optional: ability to translate English texts into 1 EU language (preferably French and/or Spanish)


- knowledge and expertise in investigation methods and tools used by civil society (journalists, NGOs, researchers etc.)

- knowledge of the traditional and digital/technical aspects of investigations

- ability to create written learning/educational content that appeals to beginners and/or medium-level expertise

- attention to detail and fact-checking ability

- ability to give constructive feedback to writers

- strong writing and proofreading skills

- native or proficient-level English speaker - at least one other EU language a plus.

This part-time position will begin in late January 2021, for an estimated 2 days per week for a maximum of 10 weeks.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please email your interest to (subject line: ETI editor) with your CV and a note explaining why you're interested in consulting with us and your approximate hourly and daily consultancy rate. Please submit these documents as a PDF.

GPG Key/ fingerprint: BD30 C622 D030 FCF1 38EC C26D DD04 627E 1411 0C02)

Only successful candidates will be contacted, when project work becomes available. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to respond to individual phone and email inquiries.

About us:

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based non-profit organization that investigates the evolving impact of digital technologies on society. Through our work we aim to educate, advocate and create practical solutions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data.

Exposing the Invisible is a Tactical Tech project and collaborative resource that makes investigative techniques and tools used by experienced investigators more accessible to people and communities who feel motivated to start their own investigations, collect and verify information, build evidence and create a better understanding of issues without losing sight of ethical or safety considerations.


The project for which this position is being advertised is supported by the European Commission (DG CONNECT)

* This text reflects the author’s view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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