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"Facebook needs to fundamentally reconsider its business model and also the checks and balances it has in place to deal with the political complexity of what goes on within their platform".

In March 2018, the story broke that Facebook is embroiled in a controversy over the alleged abuse of personal data after a former contractor for the UK firm Cambridge Analytica claimed the tech giant's data was used to manipulate the results of the last US presidential election. Separately, the data firm is also being investigated over its role in the UK's Brexit referendum. Further revelations suggesting Cambridge Analytica engaged in apparently unethical tactics to sway political campaigns are continuing to emerge, as authorities in Europe and the US begin to take steps to investigate the allegations.

The data was harvested in 2014 from a Facebook quiz which asked users to learn their personality type. Developed by an academic at the University of Cambridge, Aleksandr Kogan, the Thisisyourdigitallife app gained access not only to personal data of people taking the quiz, but that of their friends too. This practice was permitted by Facebook at the time, but has since been banned.

Tactical Tech's co-founder Stephanie Hankey and Data Scientist Varoon Bashyakarla wrote an opinion piece in response to this news.

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