Behind Metadata

New on, a new series of case studies, interviews and tools that explore the capacity of metadata to protect, investigate and expose abuses of power.

The series includes:

  • Smari McCarthy on how metadata can be both our best friend and our worst enemy.
  • Harlo Holmes on e-evidence used in courts, the cyberfeminist group Deep Lab and how she became interested in metadata.
  • Investigating - a closer look at image metadata and how it can be used to expose abuses of power.
  • Michael Kreil on the de-anonymisation of data, metadata analysis and why metadata might be the wrong word to use.
  • How to retrieve geo-location data from images
  • Review of CameraV, a verification app created by The Guardian Project and WITNESS.

(Left: visualisation from the website 're:log', mapping people-flows through a conference, based on mobile phone data)