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Releases (4)

  • Turn on the light: finding the truth on the internet

    There's so much information out there, it can be hard to see what's real and what's fake. This new interactive article from the Data Detox Kit looks at how to spot fake news and verify news sources. It'll teach you how to make a habit out of following critical questions of any news you consume, especially if it seems surprising, outrageous or too good to be true.

  • Security-in-a-box tactics guides now available in portuguese

    We just released a Portuguese translation of our Security-in-a-box Tactics Guides. These guides cover basic principles of digital security to help human rights defenders, journalists and activists communicate safely. They cover topics such as protecting your device from malware and phishing attacks, creating and maintaining strong passwords, keeping your digital communication private and using your smart phone as securely as possible. They are also available in English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian and Arabic.

  • Tactical tech seeks a member of the board

    The organisation will be entering a new strategic period in 2020 and we are excited to add a new board member to take on the role of Treasurer to the group. Application deadline Sunday 16 June.

  • Data detox kit on klicksafe

    Klicksafe is a German awareness campaign promoting media literacy and adequate handling of the internet and new media. We partnered up with them to include our Data Detox Kit on their website.

Events (1)

  • The glass room at mit and orgcon

    The MIT's Comparative Media Studies program will be hosting The 10th edition of Media in Transition conference which will be focusing on democracy and digital media. The Glass Room Community edition will be part of the programme. (17-18 May, Cambridge, Massachusetts)

    ORGCon, the UK’s largest human and digital rights conference, is hosted by Open Rights Group who challenge the government’s mass surveillance programme, protect free expression online, and push for better digital privacy protections. We will be doing a brand new workshop 'The Secret Life of My Data' and setting up a Glass Room Community exhibition. (13 July, London)

Press and media (1)

  • Tactical tech writes opinion piece for euronews

    'Cambridge Analytica Still Remains Topical - Even from Beyond the Grave' is article about what has happened to practices and politics since the Cambridge Analytica scandal in March 2019, written by one of our Data and Politics researchers. (Euronews)

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Activism (4)

  • Privacy international wins historic victory at uk supreme court

    On Wednesday 15 May, after a five year battle with the UK government, Privacy International won at the UK Supreme Court after they ruled that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal’s (IPT) decisions are subject to judicial review in the High Court. (Privacy International)

  • 10 reasons to consider a search engine alternative to google

    If you’re using Google as your only search engine, it’s time for you to search for a new search engine. (Hackernoon)

  • Ex reddit ceo ellen pao has harsh words on big tech's failure to stop internet hate

    “I hope these people are holding themselves accountable for what is happening.” It’s been almost four years since Pao led Reddit. Since then she’s navigated the fallout of an unsuccessful sexual harassment lawsuit she brought that left her ostracized in Silicon Valley circles. (Mother Jones)

  • The internet's youtube habit has the carbon footprint of a small city

    A new study quantifies the environmental footprint of wasteful UI design by tech companies–and proposes a new way of measuring the sustainability of digital interfaces. (Fast Company)

Provocation (4)

  • We need to talk, ai

    This pioneering comic essay on AI, by Dr. Julia Schneider and Lena Kadriye Ziyal, invites you on an illustrated journey through the dimensions and implications of the groundbreaking technology, discussing important opportunities and limitations. It is a creative stimulus for insiders of the subject as well as an invitation for newbies to get informed and join the debate.

  • Chinese surveillance state part 1 & 2

    Using facial recognition software for ethnic profiling is only one way that Beijing is harnessing technology for social control. (New York Times Podcast The Daily)

  • Alexa has been evesdropping on you this whole time

    When Alexa runs you home, Amazon tracks you in more ways than you might want. (Washington Post)

    Own an Alexa? Try our Alexa User Guide from the Data Detox Kit.

  • Your most sensitive data is likely exposed online. these people try to find it

    The pursuit of unsecured data is a sign of the times. Any organization can store data on the cloud easily and cheaply. But many software tools that help put databases on the cloud leave the data exposed by default. (Cnet)

Illumination (4)

  • 2019 internet health report

    Mozilla's annual open-source report examines how humanity and the internet intersect. It is their third annual examination of the internet, its impact on society and how it influences our everyday lives. (Mozilla)

  • What turing told us about the digital threat to human future

    As the Internet spreads, democracy declines, and the climate warms, the puzzle at the beginning of the computer age is a place to begin. (New York Books)

  • 'envision a new war': the syrian archive, corporate censorship and the struggle to preserve public history online

    Images of war keep disappearing from Silicon Valley. (Advox Global Voices)

  • How teen climate activists get and make climate news

    High-school students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gather on the city hall steps as part of the March 15 climate action strikes. (Colombia Journalism Review)