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Releases (4)

  • [new release] training curricula for women

    We're excited to announce the release of our Gendersec Curricula, introducing a feminist perspective to privacy and digital security trainings.
    Informed by our experience organising Gender and Technology Institutes for women and trans activists around the world, this free resource is available in English and Spanish and covers over 20 topics including Hacking Hate Speech, Risks and Strategies when Using Dating Platforms, and Creative uses of Social Media. Try it in English. And in Spanish.

  • [new release] data and dating: an autopsy of online love

    In May 2017 Tactical Tech and artist Joana Moll purchased 1 million online dating profiles for 136€ from USDate, a supposedly US-based company that trades in dating profiles from all over the globe. What followed was a deep dive into the largely hidden network of companies capitalising on the personal data of dating profiles. Discover more about the project here.

  • [new releases] the influence industry

    In our penultimate country study for our investigation into the global business of using data in elections, we partnered with Brazil based human rights organisation Coding Rights to investigate how data in used in Brazilian politics. Brazilian Elections and the Public-Private Data Trade - You can read reports on 12 other countries and on the methods used via the Our Data Our Selves website.

  • [consultancy call] copy-editor for the exposing the invisible project

    Tactical Tech's Exposing the Invisible project is inviting experienced Copy-Editors who have a good understanding of investigation tools and techniques particularly focused on evidence gathering, human rights, freedom of expression, access to information and safety challenges related to these areas to work with us on ongoing projects. Find more details on our website.

Events (1)

  • Don't miss the glass room

    If you haven't yet seen our pop-up exhibition on data and privacy, which has been hosted at close to 100 schools, libraries and festivals across the world this year, then it may be coming to your city, town or village. Check the upcoming events on our website to find out more.

Press and media (1)

  • Your data is used against you: reports of manipulation on whatsapp ahead of brazil's election

    The findings from the Brazil country study were featured in Access Now and in The Intercept.

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Activism (4)

  • Tell companies to stop exploiting your data!

    Privacy International have started a campaign against companies' exploitation of data. They kick started this campaign by filing complaints against a group of companies who are not used to being in the spotlight: Acxiom, Criteo, Equifax, Experian, Oracle, Quantcast, and Tapad. (Privacy International)

  • Full report: skripal poisoning suspect dr.alexander mishkin, hero of russia

    In an inspiring example of digital investigation, Bellingcat reveals how they uncovered the Skripal poisining suspect. (Bellingcat)

  • Facebook and palestinians: biased or neutral content moderation policies

    7amleh Center releases new policy-paper on Facebook’s Content Moderation towards Palestinians. (7amleh)

  • How to lock down what websites can access on your computer

    Wired explains how to restrict the cookies and other data websites can save locally on your laptop, manage permissions and generally control the growing demands of platforms and services. (Wired)

Provocation (4)

  • Uk political groups spied on by undercover police - search the list

    Undercover Research Group and The Guardian have compiled a database that shows overwhelming scale of spying on leftwing and progressive groups. (The Guardian)

  • Cathay pacific faces probe over massive data breach

    Hong Kong’s privacy commissioner will launch a compliance investigation into Cathay Pacific Airways over a data breach involving 9.4 million passengers, saying the carrier may have violated privacy rules. (Reuters)

  • Neoliberalism has captured the digital revolution

    A mixture of financial chicanery, unrestrained corporate power and economic austerity has shredded the social contract that emerged after the Second World War. (El Pais)

  • Christie's sells ai generated art for $432,500 as controversy swirls over creators' use of copied sale

    The code’s original creator, a 19-year-old working at Stanford, has publicly voiced concerns that the tech group misrepresented their moneymaking intentions. (Hyperallergic)

Illumination (4)

  • When tech knows you better than you know yourself

    Historian Yuval Noah Harari and theicist Trsitan Harris discuss the future of artificial intelligence. (Wired)

  • Data leeks: recipes for online privacy

    Mozilla fellow Gabriela Ivens has created a project of recipes, written by regular people and exposed in well-known data breaches. They share stories as food for thought (with author permission), along with some ways Firefox can help protect your own privacy.

  • Data science, artificial intelligence and the futures of work

    The Alan Turing Institute commissioned a review of recent literature on the future of work. It's aim is to further data science and artificial intelligence research to address real-world problems. (The Turing Institute) And here's a related article by Yuval Noah Harari on the threat of algorithms replacing work (New York Times)

  • Data production labour

    To continue the human obsolencense theme, Glass Room artist Manuel Beltran presents the new role that humans have taken in society is obscured by promises imposed by Big Tech. (Speculative Capital)