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  • [new releases] the influence industry

    Who's Working for Your Vote? In 2018, Cambridge Analytica, the data mining and analytics company, dominated the news about political campaigning and data. But they are not alone in using personal data for political influence. Since we began actively documenting this industry, we’ve listed 329 organisations, and it is still growing. Read the latest report from our Influence Industry series, looking at the hundreds of companies who make up the global business of data driven campaigning.

    France: Data Violations in Recent Elections In the final country study of a series of 14, from all over the world, we partnered with journalist Judith Duportail to uncover the use of data in the 2017 French presidential elections.

    If you want to find out more about how data is used in political campaigning around the world, head to the Our Data Our Selves project website to see over 20 reports like these.

  • [new release] who's the third wheel in your dating life?

    Tinder, Grindr, Happn, OKCupid, Match, eHarmony...there are so many dating services out there. We've just released a Data Detox Bonus which will introduce you to the third wheel in your dating life and give you tips on how to share less and keep more secrets.
    Follow our new Data Detox Facebook page for updates.

  • [translation] data detox kit in dutch

    [EN] The Frisian Libraries Network has translated the Data Detox Kit into Dutch, and it's available online. // [NL] Het Fries Bibliotheken Netwerk heeft de Data Detox Kit van Tactical Tech vertaald, nu ook voor een online kuur op.

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  • Dating brokers in the media

    Last month we released a project that uncovered a huge business model which has been built up around dating profiles. The release led to a number of news stories. Here you can read a few of them: O Globo [ES], Motherboard [EN], and LCI News [FR].

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    An open-source browser extension from Brazil based Coding Rights that helps you thwart targeted advertising on Facebook. (Coding Rights)

  • Do you have a moral duty to leave facebook?

    The platform has been used to disrupt elections, disseminate propaganda and promote hate. Regular users should ask if they are implicated in these failings. (New York Times)

  • Simple tricks to remember insanely secure passwords

    You need to lock your password manager with one secure master password, and you must remember it yourself. Here's how to do it. (PC Mag)

  • I quit google over its censored chinese search engine. the company needs to clarify its position on human rights

    Written by someone who worked as a research scientist when Project Dragonfly was revealed - a once-secret project within Google to build a version of its search engine that meets the demands of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. (The Intercept)

Provocation (4)

  • Study: it only takes a few seconds for bots to spread misinformation

    Just six percent of bots on Twitter accounted for 31 percent of bad information. (Ars Technica)

  • A racial justice group got death threats after facebook launched secret smear campaign

    Last month, it was revealed that Facebook had created a smear campaign against activist groups that criticised the social media platform. A racial justice group, Color of Change didn't know why they were getting death threats until the expose came out. (Salon)

  • Alert! alert! the information demands on the modern digital journalist are overwhelming and leading to burnout

    Journalists are overwhelmed by the information they process in their working day and want to explore solutions with third-party providers and management to make it more manageable. (Nieman Lab)

  • Quora announces data breach of 100 million users

    The data includes email addresses and hashed passwords, as well as already public information. (Motherboard Vice)

Illumination (4)

  • Gdpr's impact: the first six months

    GDPR is now six months old – Help Net Security take an assessment of the regulation’s impact so far. (Help Net Security)

  • Facebook doesn't need to listen through your microphone to serve you creepy ads

    Facebook actually uses even more invasive, invisible surveillance and analysis methods, which give it enough information about you to produce uncanny advertisements all the same. (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

  • Towards a more radical selfie

    The selfie is a cover-up: it hides the true self. But a self portrait by Mary Knowles from 1779 lights the way to reclaiming our iamge of ourselves. (The Paris Review)

  • Why i won't clap for a hologram

    Technology continues to blur the line between humans and simulations — but what is this new reality we’re being lured into? (Evan Selinger, Medium)