Sonic insolence, auditory fabulation

Location: ACUD MACHT NEU Studio, Veteranenstraße 21, BerlinDate: 20.03.2018
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What are the political possibilities of sound, and what types of knowledge can be learned from and produced by listening to the world as a decolonizing practice? How can sound and listening be understood as practices of insolence as well as sites for decolonizing fabulation? Starting from idiosyncratic material examples from the ever-ongoing political turmoil of Latin America, in this talk Pedro discusses the production of listening anxieties and the perpetration of violences through and with sound. The focus is not on how these violences take place, but instead on the sites where modes of radical sonic resistance are articulated. To guide the talk, Pedro will use examples of his own artistic and academic work, in particular an ongoing project called "Border Vocalities." In it, he explores the politics of machine listening and calibration of accent recognition technologies, as well as their deployment within the European border industry against specific bodies.

Pedro Oliveira is an artist and researcher in sound studies, born in São Paulo 21 years after a Coup d'Etat, and 31 before another. His work inquires and intervenes on the ontological designing of sonic violences, with a focus on material practices of racialized police violence in Brazil. He holds a PhD (currently Dr. des) in Design Research from the University of Arts Berlin, and is a lecturer in Cultural Studies at the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf. He is also one-half of the artistic research duo "A Parede" and one-eighth of the "Decolonising Design" group.

Starting time: 19:00