Subverting human obsolescence, manuel beltrán

Location: Łódź Design Festival, Festival Centre, PolandDate: 20.05.2018
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Tactical Tech will be hosting a Glass Room Experience at Łódź Design Festival in Poland. As part of this exhibition, Glass Room artist and founder of the Institute for Human Obsolescence will be delivering a talk about the data that we give away, as a new form of labour:

The logic of the production of data performed by humans increasingly influences how power structures are constituted and relations are established within society. In a time in which data-fueled technologies automate labour at an exponential rate, data becomes a major driving force for progress, productivity and control.

Citizens have the sole ownership of the production of data. Yet, in contrast, the monopoly over its collection, control and profit largely lies within a conglomerate of states and private companies. What are the current and future consequences of these unbalanced dynamics and how to subvert them?

In this lecture, artist and founder of the Institute of Human Obsolescence Manuel Beltrán will deconstruct the existing belief system behind our role as data workers. From this new position, he will explore which new emancipatory imaginaries we can think of to gain collective ownership over this new form of labour.

The talk will take place on Sunday May 20 at 14:00. And The Glass Room Experience will be running at Łódź Design Festival from May 19-27. More details can be found here.

Image: Glass Room Experience at Tate Gallery, London. Photo: David Mirzoeff