Data investigation camp

Location: PerastDate: 20.07.2017
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Photo: Mari Haraldsted

Between 20th and 24th July 2017, the Data Investigation Camp took place in Perast, Montenegro. Set up in partnership between Tactical Technology Collective and Share Lab, the Camp was created as a space in which investigations into how data can be used to expose misconduct and abuses of power, were explored and unpicked.

After the original call out, 310 applications were received and from this overwhelming response, a group of over 50 individuals were chosen, from 23 different countries, covering a sprawl of professions: journalists, lawyers, investigators, designers, artists, technologists, activists, and policy-makers as well as data, privacy and security experts.

Using the Camp as a space for experimentation and idea-generation, these individuals came together to create shared narratives that could then be applied with hands-on techniques and methods.

Photo: Marek Tuszynski

The mornings were generated around structured tracks which covered 3 thematic areas: questions, which collected group experiences and insights to explore tricky ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions; methods, which investigated how participants might collect and acquire data; and stories, which took the collection of data to inquire how this information might be used for story-telling and analysis.

In the afternoon these threads came together with The Fabrik, a territory for hands-on activity and project implementation. Finally, in the evenings, the Festival took place where everyone had the opportunity to present their work, share ideas and reflect on the day's activities.

Photo: Andrija Kovac

Set up in a medieval port, on the grounds of an ancient monastery, the space itself was truly unique, providing a blend of beauty, tradition and seclusion with the nearby Adriatic sea accommodating a welcome relief from the heat.

Over the course of the five days, the Camp became a hybrid pool of activity where all of the different disciplines fed into one other to create a dialogue around data investigation with relation to human rights, creative practices, policy implementation, and the shrinking civil society space.

In the coming months, Tactical Tech will be releasing a training curriculum on the methodologies and techniques discussed and shared during the Camp and, alongside Share Lab, we’re excited to follow the progress of a number of projects and collaborations that were developed on site.