Asia Source II

posted 2007

Yawitra Resort, Sukabumi, Indonesia - Jan 22-Jan 30, 2007

For the first time our Source Events Replication materials were being put to the test by our friends from South East Asia, with TTC taking on advisory and content creation roles only and leaving everything else up to someone else. A team lead by Sunil Abraham earlier from, now representing the International Open Source Network ( organised the second Asia Source Camp, using the Source Events Replication materials as a recipe. He was supported by three strong organisations -

    local Indonesian NGO ICT Watch,
    InWEnt of Germany Capacity Building International and

This event was a direct continuation of the Asia Source I, Bangalore. Asia Source II aimed to build the skills and networks of those in the region who are working in the non-governmental organization (NGO) and small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sectors. The event brought together professionals engaged technical and content-oriented types of work to share knowledge and skills among “those who know technology” and “those who need technology”.

Tactical Tech's roles, for the first time was restricted to just advisory and content development, we have focused more on the content of four of major tracks and much less on the logistics this time.

The tracks and their leaders were:

    Andrew Lowenthal (TTC) was leading the Open Publishing track together with Cheekay Cinco, Dina Metha and Idaman Andarmosoko
    Dirk Slater(TTC) lead the FOSS Implementation and Migration Track together with Simos Xenitellis and Natasha Primo
    Marek (TTC) helped with the Information Management track and general content issues, track was lead by Bobby Soriano from the Institute for Popular Democracy together with Ravindra De Silva Sreekanth S Rameshaiah and Trixie Conceptione
    Alternative Hardware and Access was lead by Fran Boon from Oxfam with Onno W. Purbo and Bona Simanjuntak

The event focused on four key areas:

    Open Publishing and Broadcasting
    Alternative Hardware and Access
    FOSS Implementation and Migration and
    Information Management

Below are synopses of what each track covered:


    Open Publishing and Broadcasting
    Communication Strategies and Writing Effectively.
    Graphic Design
    Web Tools (Content Management Systems, Blogs, Wikis)
    Audio/Video Production and Streaming.
    Script Writing and Story Boarding.
    File Formats and Conversion Utilities.
    Shooting and Editing Methodologies


    Alternative Hardware and Access
    Refurbished Hardware
    Thin Clients
    Hardware Hacking
    Wireless Solutions and Community Radio.


    FOSS Implementation and Migration
    Moving an NGO or SME from proprietary software to FOSS.
    Participatory Design and Planning
    Evaluating FOSS
    End-User Training and Support Techniques
    Dealing with Desktops
    Proxy Server
    Mail Server and Groupware
    Change management and migration strategies.


    Information Management
    Mapping Information Sources and Requirements. * Best practices for Information Strategies.
    Information Life Cycle and its critical points.
    Getting Information out there, technical and social aspects.
    Web-based Databases
    Geographical Information Systems
    Customer Relationship Management
    Application/Communication Security
    Disaster Management Systems.

More information about the event and the agenda is available on the Asia Source 2 wiki also check this out