The Glass Room

The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition

The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition explores how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. This new exhibition, which can be visited online or hosted offline, tackles all forms of misinformation.
Your Data, Our Democracy
Data and Politics

Your Data, Our Democracy

As elections become increasingly data-intensive, our personal data is becoming a political asset for campaigns to leverage. This new animation, in English and Dutch, explains how this process happens - and what we can do about it.

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Exposing the Invisible

Bio-Investigations in the Field

A new chapter from Exposing the Invisible: The Kit explores 'bio-investigations', including the collection and analysis of samples from the field, at home and in the your local community.

Exposing the Invisible

Evaluating Evidence and Information Sources

You’ve identified and collected information that may serve as evidence in your investigation. What next? Learn how to analyse and verify it as well as how to evaluate your information sources in this new chapter from Exposing the Invisible: The Kit.

Youth and Technology

Partner with Tactical Tech’s Youth Initiative

Do you work with young people on data literacy issues? Tactical Tech's youth project are looking for partners to help us expand our youth work in Africa, Central and Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and some countries in Asia, the Pacific and Europe. Apply by 7th January 2021 for work between January-June next year.

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The Data Detox Kit

Data Detox Workshops

The Data Detox Kit Workshops page is now live! Here you'll find downloadable curriculum materials which have been developed and tested by Tactical Tech trainers and Data Detox Kit's global network of partners.


Skin Deep: Deep Fakes and Misinformation

Misinformation and disinformation have dominated headlines in 2020 and eroded trust in the information that surrounds us, from social media to conventional media; from politicians to scientists; from text to photographs to videos. Reality, it seems, is increasingly only skin deep. Find out more in this article on Medium.

Data and Politics

Data & Politics: Global Partnerships

In order to investigate the 'Influence Industry' in different contexts and countries, our Data & Politics project has partnered with a diverse range of organisations and individuals in the Global South. Find out more about the work these partners do.