What we do

The focus of our work
  • Building capacity through collaboration & co-creation

    We foster collaboration and co-creation to enhance and expand the capacities of our partners worldwide working in critical thinking and digital and media literacy. We collaborate with organisations and individuals with diverse expertise, perspectives, and resources who exchange knowledge, skills and practices and create new resources, materials or interventions.

    This collaborative approach promotes learning, leading to more sustainable and impactful outcomes.

  • Field building & advancing specialised knowledge

    We advance specialised knowledge within the field of digital technology and how it influences opinion, public engagement and democracies. Together with our partners, we develop and expand the knowledge, expertise, and best practices in areas such as citizen investigation and researching and exposing the influence industry.

    Through training, tool-kits and resources, and knowledge sharing, we deepen understanding and improve methodologies. In this way, actors within the field can enhance their capabilities, refine their approaches, and address emerging challenges more effectively.

  • Promoting critical thinking via digital literacy interventions

    Our partners worldwide use, adapt and localise Tactical Tech’s resources and creative interventions to engage their audiences in conversations about how digital technologies impact their societies and democracy.

    In this way, our partners equip individuals and communities with the necessary information and tools to critically reflect on their relationship with digital technologies and media and how they access, create, and share information. Increased digital and media literacy strengthens public engagement by enabling a more active citizenry to make informed decisions and contribute to societal changes and democracies.