Interview with cyber-security expert: Bob Diachenko

1 minute read | First published: May 16, 2023
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Every so often, a large scale data breach or hack catches the attention of the international medial The average digital user, however, might not realise how common these data leaks and breaches are or how often their data might be exposed. Thanks to digital security experts like Bob Diachenko many leaks are discovered and reported before the data is made widely available across the web forever. In this conversation, former Data and Politics project co-lead, Varoon Bashyakarla asks Bob about his journey into data security, why companies minimize the large role that human error plays in data breaches and what politicians running a data-driven campaign should be promising their constituents. Bob also shares his experiences contacting organisations and political entities, opinions about the effects of privacy legislation and how the technology environment needs to evolve in order to protect user data.

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