Glass Room Misinformation Edition

2 minutes read | First published: May 9, 2023
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Misinformation Edition: The Misinformation Edition is a light weight exhibition which explores how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. We present new types of influencers, the new and old tactics they use, and the role we the users and consumers play in the way information flows and changes within that flow. We also examine the relationship between personal data, targeting and our opinions, views and behaviours, as well as the business models behind it. The exhibition consists of 9 posters - available in 3 formats, 8 video animations - accessible via screenings or QR scans, and 4 interactive app games which help visitors engage with the themes.
How Your Phone is Designed to Grab Your Attention: A poster highlighting the persuasive design tricks and dark patterns used to get us hooked to our phones.
Deep Future: This visualisation explains how AI-generated synthetic images, text and video have the power to change what we say, what we do and how we look, and how they might shape our memories and even our after lives.
Hooked?: This visualisation illustrates the average screentime for a person, according to their age and encourages reflections on the use of our time.
Are You Hooked?: This interactive poster allows you to add your own screen time, anonymously alongside lots of other people's screen times, so we can all get a picture of how much we are attached to our phones.
Google Society: This visualization discusses how Google collects, stores and processes unprecedented amounts of data, encouraging the visitor to question how Google knows a lot about us and what we do each day, but how much do we know about what Google does with out data?
Misinformation: This Triptych follows our digital sharing behaviors, opinion formation, network connections to consider the development and dissemination of misinformation.
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