Plataforma Uroboros

1 minute read | First published: June 28, 2023
  • Data Detox Kit
  • The Glass Room
  • What The Future Wants
  • Data Detox
  • Misinformation & Disinformation
  • Info-Activism & visualising information
  • Media and digital literacy
The Uroboros project was initiated in late 2019 by a group of friends based in Prague, Czech Republic, and officially released in May 2020 with the inaugural Uroboros festival. The first festival edition was organised as a hybrid online/offline event and brought together over 600 designers, artists, researchers, and creative practitioners from around the world. Inspired by this interest, they decided to extend Uroboros from a one-off festival into a long-term project, re-imagining Uroboros as an annual festival series accompanied by various collateral events.

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