Třinec Town Library

1 minute read | First published: June 28, 2023
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The Třinec Town Library is a public library. The goal of the library is to become a third place (after home, school/work) for their users to spend their free time that inspires them, gives them access to information, education and entertainment. In 2014, the  the Třinec Infocentrum , one of the exhibition spaces of the Třinec City Gallery and a literary café were created alongside the library. The Třinec Town Library have become an important cultural and community center of the city of Třinec. In this way, they continue the trend where public libraries in the Czech Republic participate to a large extent in the life of the city, its citizens and groups. The Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic awarded the Třinec Town Library the title Library of the Year 2015.

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